because not everything has to be big, the everyday can be profound and magical


we come together to playfully create, knowing that all of life is a performance.


we are always ready to go on an adventure with tenacity, vulnerability and joy

small performance adventures make workshops, performances and events with people who have been affected by life. We create spaces where people feel safe enough to meet as equals and be their creative, playful selves.

We work in partnership with organisations in the fields of recovery, mental health, criminal justice, homelessness, social pedagogy and education, and deliver a range of projects using theatre and other eclectic methods to educate, entertain, stimulate and connect. All our work is closely co-designed and co-created with stakeholders and we welcome challenging commissions.  We also employ and creatively support people in recovery.

Terminal Uniqueness – Please Join us.

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    Greetings, greetings, greetings. Here at small performance adventures, we were very excited about starting our brand new project "Terminal Uniqueness", a project that is a challenge to individualism…

"small performance adventures bring playful but sophisticated creative solutions, empathy, meaningful insight and a deep sense of commitment and professionalism"

Mark PrestPORE Director

"thank you small performance adventures... The performance and the show were genius."

Janet BatsleerPrincipal Lecturer, Youth and Community Work MMU

"working with small performance adventures opens your soul"