Cliff’s Cube

Cliff Stevenson is one of the Fine Art MA students. We struggled together to understand Ranciere and Kant with varying degrees of success during our Aesthetics Seminars. Cliff has been really supportive of my performance experiments and although what we do is very different, there are real points of connection. This week Cliff has spent every day on  “an expedition to investigate the fourth dimension through the space inside a cube”. I visited him on wednesday.

We spoke about how the cube can be  a space that provides a point of connection to ideas of infinity and that also it could be a space of healing. He made the parallel with my work with potatoes being the point of connection, I went into the cube, asked it a question and it gave me some answers through its space. It does feel different in the cube. Cliff did explain something about neutrinos but I am not sure if I understood. Cliff has written a really interesting blog about his experiences with the cube.

Cliff's cube


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