Ten year olds made me eat a raw potato.

I performed Not a Séance for a group of ten year olds last month. They were definitely my toughest audience so far. As the performance was at my friend Helen’s house which has a large garden, everyone was able to bury their own personal potato. Each potato had been written on with a desire on one side to grow up and something unwanted on the bottom to go into the earth.

As part of the show I ask the audience to help me decide which of two potatoes is giving out negative energy and as for solutions as to  how we as a group can solve this. This lot thought that the only way to solve the problem was for me to eat one of the potatoes raw. This I did and it worked.

First time I have been lost for words when facing a question too. “What if you are allergic to your vegetable guide? ”

A great day, my personal highlight was when I asked the group if they could hear their potato talking to them, and every single one of them held their spud up to their ear.




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