washing up on the bus in brighton


We had a  great day at The Manor Gym East Brighton, where we were talking to people about The Washing Up which will be performed as part of Your Place Brighton Festival 2018. We spoke to people about whether they preferred to wash up using a sink or a bowl, asked them about their tea towels and invited children to decorate rubber gloves using paints, glue and washing up utensils. We had some very interesting conversations and hopefully got people interested in our show.

For me, the best bit of the day  was the bus home. Nou (our songwriter) and I waved goodbye to John (our set designer and maker) and went off to catch the bus back to town. We were carrying much washing up stuff, including a rather delicious papier maché washing up bowl. As soon as we sat down, a woman asked us what we were up to and we explained about the show and asked her whether she prefers washing up in a sink or a bowl. She answered and then four other people started joining in. One had a dishwasher which prompted my favourite comment from a man. He held up his hands and said “these are my dishwashers”. He reckons, he is going to come to the show with his other half! All this happened between Whitehawk and Old Steine.

For me this was exactly what I want the show to do, bring people together and start conversations in a safe  way. My belief is that we all really do want to, and enjoy connecting with each other, but we get nervous, scared or bored when we have to reveal too much of ourselves, fear having  our opinions shut down or judged,  or have to negotiate hierarchies. We love that the washing up is a way into connecting with strangers and talking about something small that might develop into something else…


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