small performance adventures was set up in 2018 to provide creative experiences and also employment opportunities for people who have been labelled by society.With twenty five years experience in the participatory arts, our Artistic Director brings a deep experience and understanding of how this approach can include, unite and inspire.

We are not unique, we share a vision with many other companies and organisations,  and  work in partnership with them to realise this

Our closest collaborators in Brighton are We are not Saints, the UK’s first recovery record label; and Edit Sweet, a recovery led video and training organisation. We have also  worked in partnership with peer led recovery organisation  Cascade creative recovery   and Pavilions Brighton’s main Drug and Alcohol support service.

In Manchester TiPP – a leading UK participatory arts organisation – are our friends and mentors. We also work closely with Portraits of Recovery a recovery led visual arts organisation and The Men’s Room, an arts and social care charity working with men.

"You have a great gift for engaging people who feel disaffected or self-conscious in the creative process, connecting with them, listening without judgement and skillfully giving them the space, structure and confidence to express themselves in new ways."

Imogen BloodTrustee, The Men's Room

"you provided a safe space to explore things that aren’t safe"


“a fun and light-hearted way to make sense of the nonsense”