August Development

After my mini-tour in Manchester and some space for reflection, I  had the opportunity to perform for Cascade Creative Recovery and try out a few changes to the performance. I have described the performance here

I have written before about wanting to do less interpretation and get the audience to read themselves. This I did in this performance by asking the person to say three words that describe the vegetable they picked. I then used these three words as the basis of any interpretation that I made. I liked the element of the unexpected here, for example one of the words thrown up for cauliflower was soggy!

The other concern I had was about the ending. In the other three performances I felt that the performance just tailed off a bit with the crisp communion. In this version I changed the way I did it in order to create more of a sense of ritual and drama. Rather than telling a story about Findhorn and then passing the crisps round with no particular instructions than to eat with gratitude, I first passed the crisps round, asking everyone to take one, but not to eat it. I then told the Findhorn story, invited vocal expressions of gratitude to the potatoes and then counted down from three to one with us all eating a crisp together at one! This felt like a more communal and connected ending.

In common with the Styal performance, I completely forgot to include the Q & A section. Bearing in mind Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, in particular “Honour thy error as a hidden intention”, I need to think about whether I should exclude this section from the performance.

Two other things I need to work on are integrating the music Steve and I are creating into the performance and whether I want to continue with just wearing what I happen to be wearing that day as costume, or returning as I did for Divination, a performance at The Brighton Fringe, to a more specific costume idea.


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