Research Interests and Questions

A common theme in my research is participation in performance and collectivity. I am also interested in ideas from the fields of cultural theory, therapy  and philosophy and linking them into my practice. Current research interests are:

Intimacy in Public – Exploring performance as a site of intimacy drawing on the work of  cultural theorist Lauren Berlant and Sherry Turkle author of Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other. i have been particularly focussing on the following artists: Adrian Howells creator of many intimate one-to-one performances with and without his alter-ego Adrienne.  and the Anglo-German Performance Collective Gob Squad who coined the phrase “alienated intimacy” to describe their particular brand of participatory practice that uses technology.

Minor Art Practice – What might a Minor Art Practice be in the fields of performance and socially engaged art? This area of interest is exploring the work of Deleuze and Guattari on “What is a Minor Literature?”that was developed in an article by Simon O’ Sullivan “Towards a Minor Art Practice?”. I am particularly interested in exploring ideas of collectivity and the use of humour as a deterritoralising practice.


Beliefs and Believing – How and what do we believe? Is it possible to believe contradictory things simultaneously. My performance piece Not a Séance will explore these ideas practically whilst I continue a parallel and overlapping theoretical investigation during on the fields of philosophy and psychology. Key thinkers I wil study include Dorothy Rowe and Slavov Zizek.

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