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Dorothy Rowe – Part two.

By August 24, 2014November 27th, 2020No Comments

I am currently reading The Successful Self- Freeing our hidden inner strengths by Dorothy Rowe. I already wrote about her process of laddering. Rowe is a Pyschologist and writer who writes clearly about how we structure our worlds. I came across a passage last night that almost completely sums up the territory I want to explore in Not a Séance.


As individuals the more we insist that the structures we have created are absolute and solid reality, the less freedom we have to change them. The more we see that the structures that we have created are structures, the greater insecurity we shall feel, but with that we have the knowledge that if they are just structures we are free to change them.

The need to see our structures as solid reality can blind us to the fact that other people see things differently from us.. This can lead us to think that anyone who sees anything differently from us is either mad or bad, or perhaps both. Because how we experience our existence and the threat of annihilation is so basic to your structure we can assume that everyone else perceives their existence and annihilation in the same way. This assumption lies at the root of most of the discord between people……