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Not a SéancePerformance

Multiples of Me

By September 1, 2014November 27th, 2020No Comments

 On Friday Alex Cooke, who is Artistic Director of Little Fish Theatre, met with me and gave me lots of feedback on my video of Not a Séance at The Men’s Room.


His analysis and questions were really valuable in getting me to really think about what I am doing with the performance and I am going to spend next week puzzling and experimenting with some of the material in the show and ask myself some further questions.

The feedback that has stayed with me the most was his analysis of the different roles I play in the piece. Earlier on in the day I had been helping Ryan McKelvey move and sort through many bags of compost for his performance Dirty History and he sent me this photograph of me in a lift.

mirror picture

So multiples of me was a theme for the day. The three roles that Alex saw were:

1.moment-to-moment facilitator, 2. Meaning  maker 3. Performer/persona.

At the moment in the piece the facilitator part of me comes right to the forefront any time I feel slightly nervous or am not sure what to do. I am sure this is because i have spent so much of my professional life in this role, its my default position. I need to really engage with the performer/persona part of me and makes sure she is present throughout.