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NLP – Neurological Levels.

By June 30, 2014November 27th, 2020No Comments

Ever since I was taught about Neurological levels by the marvellous  Rivca Rubin  back in 2001, I have found them to be a really useful teaching tool when looking at what is happening when we attempt to make changes in our lives. They are a model that demonstrates the different levels at which we human beings operate and the interconnectedness between them. Changing one might affect many of the others, for example if I learn a new skill, it may affect my capabilities which in turn may affect my belief about myself. Conversely if we focus too much on one level and ignore the others we may not be able to solve a problem. For example, in a work situation, there may be a problem with people not focussing in staff meetings, I might focus on the capability level and learn new skills to facilitate the meetings better, but this might do no good as I have ignored the environment level, meetings take place in a windowless basement.


neurological levels

I have been looking at how this might help me in the development of Not a Séance. If I believe in the power of vegetables, how does this affect me at the other levels particularly behaviour and identity?