Drug use and Recovery


Kate worked for us on Bridging The Gap, a project which explored recovery from substance misuse. She brought with her playful but sophisticated creative solutions, empathy, a meaningful insight into the subject and a deep sense of commitment and professionalism. Resulting in her fulfilling her role which was to develop trust amongst the participant group and by the drawing out and sharing of individual and collective recovery narratives. Mark Prest – Portraits of Recovery, Director.

Since my days working at TiPP, when i was instrumental in the setting up and delivery of the company’s project “Dealing with Drugs”, I have been passionate about working with drug users and those in recovery. In 2004 I co-authored a chapter with Imogen Blood, at that time a drugs worker, about our theatre based work with drug users at HMP Buckely Hall which was a category C Male prison at the time. As the prison governor at the time Stuart Mitson said “The arts are healing this place”

Our chapter was published in Prison Theatre: Theory and Practice, Ed Michael Balfour.

prison theatre

You can read the chapter here: mccoy & blood dealing with drugs 1

Since 2004 I have worked with drug users and those in recovery in a variety of settings including probation centres, prisons and discrete projects creating pieces of performance and workshops exploring imagination and creativity.




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