The Washing UP reviews 2018

“The Washing Up, one of my highlights of this year’s Brighton Festival…a generous, ego-free ensemble performance, and the best of people’s theatre fit for the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow or Theatre Royal Stratford East, or any venue that wants to see how plays can connect with local people in ways that are challenging, poignant and refreshing.” Colin Grant, Guardian Writer.

“The Washing Up is a community theatre piece that works, not merely because it is funny, irreverent, restless and inventive, but also because it is driven by ideas and techniques that are richer and subtler than you might at first think. Twelve non-professional actors offered their ‘research’ on that universal bane ‘the washing up’ via skits, songs and sketches that had kids and adults shouting back in agreement, dissent and common sympathy.” BN1 Magazine.

“I normally switch off when I go to the theatre, but this was amazing. I laughed so much and thought about stuff. I can’t believe they aren’t all professional actors” Audience member Your Place, Brighton Festival

“This is a joyous and celebratory riff on what on the surface would appear to be a mundane chore, but which is revealed – in the course of a dazzling hour of song, some dance, the beginnings of Alan Bennett-like monologues, and comic/absurdist transformations…… to be a reflection of the role of the washing up in the human psyche”. Colin Grant

“it shows a sophisticated guiding hand at work, just as the striking transition from self-contained skit to individual actor’s testimony does. Suddenly, real voices break through the onstage personas, speaking of family and childhood. We feel, for a few moments, the deep experience and emotional burdens of those onstage, and we realise that this folk art is showing us how we connect, share, witness and heal as we create art in the presence of – and for – one another.” BN1 Magazine